Monday, October 11, 2010

SOTD: Andy Tauer Orange Star

I wanted to love an Andy Tauer scent. This is an irrational desire - what difference does it really make if I can't handle L'Air du Desert Marocain or Incense Rose or Lonestar Memories or Un Rose Chypree or Vetiver Dance? Even if all sorts of people whose opinions I respect are knocked over by all of them? It doesn't make me a perfume ignoramus with an oblivious nose, does it? Huh? Huh?

OK, well, maybe not, but I'm relieved to like something from this house.  Unfortunately, while I wore and enjoyed Orange Star today, I didn't actually pay attention, and I don't have any fine and eloquent words to describe the experience. All I have is: Textured spicy orange. Yum.

Image: By Daniel G. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Glad you found a Tauer to love. Mine is LADDM, and that is it for the moment, though Muse's review of Carillon pour un Ange gives me hope that a second one may be along soon.

  2. Textured spicy orange? Lucky you.

    I got Tang Dust Accord, Soapy Orange Blossom, and Salty Incense. Not good.

  3. Yo, flittersniffer! Hmmm, yes, I am interested in that one, too. I wonder if I could have tried it? Whenever I leave a really really good perfume purveyor I'm always overwhelmed with everything I didn't sample.

  4. Mals! Oh, that's just not fair. That Aftelier Orange Sanguine thing was Orange Crush on me, so I know the feeling. Except, well, it was rather _nice_ Orange Crush, it's just that I would never pay niche prices for it.