Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Link: Himself on Portland

Himself is a far better travel blogger than I am. Below, I present his posts on our Portland trip, in chronological order:

Portland Sucks!
Dinner in the City
Sleeping Around, Getting Around
A Day Filled With Bacon
Portland Day 3: Mass Transit Mania
Lions and Tigers and Hash, Oh, My!

Image: By Cacophony. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Loved the slogan on your T-shirt: "Bacon Has A Mother".

    Having read Himself's account of "Bacon Day", I can't help wondering if bacon might not qualify for its own blog: "Bonkers about Bacon" or "Potty about Pork Products". Then perhaps one devoted to Coke...

    : - )

  2. Isn't it cool? The T-shirt, that is.

    Baaaaaacon! Except I'm trying to take an ethical anti-bacon stance. Except it tastes really really good. Food decisions are difficult.

    Coke! Yes, nobody cares if you're cruel to Coke.