Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SOTD: Demeter Dirt

A bunch of dirt being moved using truck, wheelbarrow, and shovel.
Demeter is a fragrance company originally founded by Christopher Brosius, who now runs the fascinating CB I Hate Perfume. The Demeter Fragrance Library is an enormous collection of scents. Banana Flambee, Play Doh, Funeral Home, Holy Smoke and Holy Water - they've got everything. And, of course, they've got Dirt.

I like Dirt. I like the CB I Hate Perfume dirt note, the one I've smelled in Black March, even better. But I like Demeter Dirt just fine. It smells like... dirt. Nice, healthy, slightly dampened but not muddy, freshly dug dirt. I imagine some decaying leaves from last year's herb garden in a newly turned garden bed - there's something herbal, but not enough to make me question the name.

Dirt has had its fifteen minutes of fame - celebrities from Clint Eastwood to Kate Moss were (are?) reputed to wear it. I generally don't care who's also using my fragrance, but it is rather entertaining to be able to buy a "celebrity perfume" for less than ten dollars an ounce.

And, of course, you can also try Funeral Home and Waffle Cone and Cinnamon Toast and Clean Windows and Junior Mints and This Is Not A Pipe and Laundromat and Paperback and... well, you get the idea.

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Illustration: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I have snow, fireplace and jr. mint. My husband has mesquite, rubber and sushi! There are so many I'd like to try like rain and brut champagne...

  2. Hiya! Welcome to the blog!

    Hee. :) I have Dirt, Pruning Shears, and...er... something else that went along with a garden theme. How is Junior Mint? I keep thinking of sending off for that one.

  3. I had no idea that the creator of Demeter is the man behind CB I Hate Perfume! And the Demeters are awfully fun, despite the laughable lasting power. Somehow Dirt feels just right for Kate Moss. Thank you so much for linking me! =)

  4. Howdy, scentsofself! Yep, once you know it it makes sense, doesn't it? That it would be the same guy, I mean. And you're very welcome. (And thank you for linking to me!)