Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie: Up In The Air

Photo of backpack or rucksack.
Summary: In "Up In The Air", a Termination Facilitator encounters threatened change to his job, his personal philosophy, and his lack of relationships. And does a whole lot of flying.

Rapid Fire: Eppley Airfield. Undershirts. Crop circle. Admiral Club. Miami-Dade. Graphite. That necktie. Card key. O'Hare. TSA. Bridesmaids. Cold feet. Lambert.

Score: 4/5

Recommendation: Very good. George Clooney at his best, without the cartoon coating that some movies wrap around him. The other leads are similarly compelling. It's all good; I can't think of a single weak spot to point to. The only reason not to go see this now is if you save your big-screen money for special effects blockbusters.

Link Roundup: Wikipedia and Roger Ebert and IMDB.

Photo: By Joadl. Wikimedia Commons.

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