Sunday, December 6, 2009

Link: Look at that!

My mother loves to tell of the year that a very young version of me kept exclaiming "Look at that!" as we drove around looking at the Christmas lights.

I've always felt that that story was sadly lacking in plot. But I had the same urge to point and marvel when I saw the glittering costumes pointed to by this post in Tea, Sympathy and Perfume.

Illustration: Wikimedia Commons


  1. ha ha, I love the 'look at that' photo. I may or may not jump to the link. I'm pretty comfortable on these pages, thank you very much. I remember the plot kind of sorta in Gene Kelly in Paris. As I remember, mostly dancing scenes, but enjoyable. I would probably like Gene Kelly in Boise. Good posts, fun to read through and chuckle over or reminisce over depending upon the topic.

  2. Howdy! Thanks!

    There are pretty pictures at the end of the link. Especially since you like costumes. (Admittedly, I don't think the designer thinks of them as costumes, but, well, there it is. They look very Narnia to me.)

  3. total costumes. Let's just imagine that you or I were sashaying down Main St in one of these... actually that could be rather fun, except that they look uncomfortable. and chilly for this time of year. why do models always have to look like they're pissed off? is it because the clothes ARE uncomfortable?

  4. Well, yes, the models do have a bit of an Ice Queen air about them.

    You could definitely walk down Main Street in those. You would freeze to death; you'd need furs or something on top. Which would not go over at all well on our particular Main Street. But I'm sure there's a solution. Of some sort. Carry a warming torch with you?