Wednesday, June 16, 2010

SOTD: Chanel Cristalle EDT, and the mythical reduced wardrobe.

This is one of the perfumes that makes me ask myself, once again, why do I have so many perfumes? Do I really need anything more than Cristalle, No. 19, and... well, let's think about this. "This" being a theoretical pared-down perfume wardrobe.

Cristalle and No. 19 would be the galbanum representatives. And they're incomparably beautiful, so I need them both.

I'd need some florals. A La Nuit for jasmine, Un Lys for sheer gorgeousness, and... I'd have to pick a tuberose.  Picking just one tuberose would be difficult, but I'm leaning toward Tubereuse Criminelle.

I'd need an incense. Serge Noire, of course. Turns out that picking just one incense is easy.

Then I'd need a woody fragrance. I have yet to find the perfect woody fragrance. It would fill the function of Art of Shaving Sandalwood, but it wouldn't be Art of Shaving Sandalwood - while I love it, it's not the ultimate, lifetime-loyalty wood. In fact, the perfect wood for me might be cedar.

Then I'd need Sushi Imperiale. Because I'm me.

Then I'd need something warm and animalic for winter. We're not in winter, so I'm not sure what that would be, or if I even own it yet. Vintage Bandit might be the one... no. Of course. I need Cuir de Russie. "Warm and animalic" isn't an altogether accurate description, but it's what I need all the same.

I'm missing at least three major categories - sticky gourmand, tea, and citrus. Much to my surprise, especially given how much I love teas, I feel that I can live without them all. Well, except for the mythical perfect orange - if I find that, it'll be in the lineup.

So that's, er, nine fragrances, assuming that I find the perfect wood and don't find the perfect orange. More than any normal sane person has, but a drastic reduction from my current collection. Could I be content with that?

It could be interesting to try, for a month or so. Theoretically. Y'know, someday.

Meanwhile, tomorrow I think I'll try Fire and Cream. Just because.

Image: By S Sepp. Wikimedia Commons.

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