Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SOTD: CB I Hate Perfume Black Tea Accord

Tea perfumes rarely smell like real tea to me. That's true even for tea notes from Christopher Brosius, usually the master of true-to-life notes.

But all the same, this one is in competition for my favorite tea scent. And my favorite comfort scent - depending on what I want, it can be quiet and comforting, or cheerful and bracing. It's an accord, not a full-fledged perfume, but I seem to smell multiple notes - some lemon along with the tea, and also something vaguely floral.

And this is just one of the accords. The list on the website is worth poring over in detail - Baby Aspirin, String Bean, Cucumber Roll, eight kinds of leather, six kinds of pine, six kinds of roses; it goes on and on. I want to try them all right now, but frugality forbids. I think I'll start with the smoke notes.

Image: By Haneburger. Wikimedia Commons.

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