Thursday, June 24, 2010

SOTD: None, and loss of chocolate

I'm taking tomorrow off; the weekend is already here. That's the good news.

The bad news is today's realization that I need to reduce, perhaps eliminate, my consumption of chocolate. Yes, chocolate. This isn't about health - that probably wouldn't stop me. It's about happiness. Specifically, it's about caffeine.

Caffeine doesn't keep me awake, it keeps me nervous. It makes me into one of those people who checks to be sure that the faucet isn't dripping, when it's never dripped before. Who locks the door, checks the door, heads for the car, returns, and checks the door again. Who checks three times to be sure that the envelope is sealed, before putting it in the mailbox. Who wonders what the grocery clerk meant by that offhand remark. You know, those people.

I've always had a tendency to be one of those people, and keeping that tendency under firm control is a priority. Checking the front door lock twice would be tolerable if it stopped there, but I've never trusted that it would stop there.

So the caffeine had to go. Coke and Thai iced tea and other full-strength beverages went away first. Then I switched to decaf iced tea at home, while still drinking the regular stuff in restaurants. Now, the regular stuff has to be carefully rationed even in restaurants.

Yesterday I had two glasses of chocolate milk. Today, I can feel the nervous. Chocolate has to go.

Grumble. I've still got fried chicken, right?

Image: By Danielle Tsi. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Nooooo! That's so terrible! I'm genuinely upset for you :( Also, I'm majorly craving donuts now.

  2. I like chocolate and I also have a thyroid condition that flick-flacks between underactive (the original condition) and overactive (where the pills often take me, as I am supersensitive to small variations in dosage, even when taking the same dose - a conundrum, I know). I also get a lot of headaches, and find that the pills with added caffeine are the most effective. So I have decided I might as well be hyper for a sheep as a lamb, so to speak, and continue to indulge in chocolate. I wish you lots of luck with your elimination diet, though!

  3. Scentsofself! I failed to answer! Perhaps it's the chocolate withdrawal. I really appreciate the sympathy. :)

    Howdy, flittersniffer! Yep, I agree, if you have to consume the caffeine anyway, go for the chocolate while you're at it.