Friday, February 12, 2010

SOTD: Nothing

It's after midnight (though I'm backdating the post to land on the right day) and I haven't worn perfume today. Goodness gracious.

Photo: By Lachlan Donald. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Seriously? What's wrong with you? :) Kidding. But as rarely as that happens to me, it surprises me as well.

  2. Sometimes I'm not in the mood either :-)

    Actually, today I wanted something super light so I spritzed on FM's l'Eau d'Hiver

  3. In La Pausa, as I felt like something which smelt blue. We can fill your void for you!

  4. Hey, Ines! I dunno what's wrong with me. :) But I got over it today (Saturday) - I'm using up the end of my Un Lys sample. (And not sure if I ever got around to getting a decant!)

    lovethescents and flittersniffer, those both sound nice. (Though I'm not quite sure what blue smells like. Now I wanna smell La Pausa.)

    Thank you all for filling the perfume gap. :)