Monday, February 22, 2010

SOTD: Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint

I love this one. It deserves a proper discussion and review and Review Roundup, but the day is getting away from me. So all I will say is that it's lovely, it's happy, it's perfect for really hot weather, and now I've confirmed that it's also quite nice in vaguely warm weather like today.

Photo: By Kham Tran. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Completely agree. It's refreshing, feminine but not so girly that a man couldn't pull it off, and blends well with so many things.

  2. I like it very much too though I am not one for mint as a rule.

  3. Now that's just mean - mentioning a jasmine fragrance that I don't have. And I don't even have a teeny tiny sample in my 'to be tested' box.

    What's doubly mean though is mentioning 'vaguely warm weather'. London can't even remember what vaguely warm weather is. We've done cold. We've done wet. We've done very very cold. Show me vaguely warm and I'd be jumping for joy.

  4. THis one's in my sample box (hiding under, no kidding, I just counted the other day, 38 other sample vials). Will get to it in the summer.

  5. Lovethescents, yes. It pleases in so many ways, but without being bland or dull, the way some people-pleaser scents are.

    flittersniffer, I remembered it as having very little mint until I put it on this time. There is a lot of mint there, but somehow it doesn't take over the way mint usually does.

    Sorry, SignatureScent. When I was in California all of the time I would have declared that the down side of lack of winter was lack of winter - never having true cold gets boring. But Southern Oregon has exactly the right amount of winter, so, well, I'll just look guilty.

    I can't decide if I really consider White Jasmine & Mint to _be_ a jasmine fragrance. I liked it long before I liked jasmine. But I wouldn't call it a mint fragrance either. It may be one of those blends that no longer identifies with its notes.

    38! Cool! Yes, the summer is the best time for it. I broke down a while ago and bought a bottle, so I can afford to wear it at non-premium times.