Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ramble: Drugstore Incoming!

So I was in a bad mood. A mean, grumpy, feelings-hurt mood. A mood where you don't just want to eat the hot fudge sundae, you want to crawl into a vat of the hot fudge for a nice warm nap. Or, well, at least I do.

I went out to walk it off. (A decision that I'll regret when I'm finishing my eight hour workday around midnight tonight.)  A pharmacy crossed my path. I had recently made a list, for a not-yet-published post, of drugstore fragrances that some perfume freaks regard highly or remember fondly. And I had my credit cards.

You know what's coming, right?

What's coming is that in the next few weeks you'll be seeing reviews of:
  • Lady Stetson
  • Coty Wild Musk
  • Charlie
  • Tommy Girl
  • Sand & Sable
  • Jovan Musk
I barely resisted the temptation to add Jovan Vanilla Fields and Jovan Black Musk ("three for the price of two!"), and if there'd been anybody nearby with the perfume case key, Tabu and Canoe would also be on the list.

The bad mood will pass. And I think I'm going to enjoy the reviews.


  1. I bought some Jovan Musk recently too because of some things in blogs I read - but to me, it smelled nothing like I remembered and I was hugely disappointed though I only spent five bucks.

    Hope your bad mood passes quickly, and mostly I hope that this post didn't make it worse!!

  2. Nope, it didn't make it worse. :) I'll be pleased if I like a fragrance, but frankly, the negative reviews can be more fun to write than the positive ones. Is that bad?

  3. I look forward to these reviews. I've only tried Charlie and Tommy Girl and like the former although I don't own it. Sand & Sable is so well loved but I can't find it in my city. Let us know and get out of that rut!

  4. Exciting! I so want to do this, too. I look forward to seeing the results.

  5. :) I totally understand your state of mind (since I pretty much did the same the other day). ;)

  6. Oh. My. Goodness!! I can't wait, I can't wait!! I think a drugstore scent sniffer bar would be just the very best-- so many memories...

    BTW-- "crawl into a vat of the hot fudge for a nice warm nap." Not a chocoholic, but you've given me an image that sticks. Feel better soon!!

  7. lovethescents, that's reassuring about Charlie. I wasn't _quite_ sure that anyone had vouched for it, but it's such a very well-known name that I wanted to know what it smelled like.

  8. Diana, yep, I keep wondering, as I'm threatening to spend a hundred or more for a niche bottle, why I keep ignoring all those bazillions of inexpensive fragrances at the drugstore. I love some inexpensive nicheish ones (some Pacificas, for example), so there's no reason why I couldn't love some inexpensive non-nicheish ones.

    (And didn't I just read, somewhere in the wilderness of the perfume web, that drugstore fragrances may actually have more money invested in the ingedients than some others? I can't remember where, but it's an interesting and not-impossible thought.)

  9. Yep, Ines, I was thinking of your mood of the other day. It may be part of what inspired retail therapy, though retail therapy is always an option when grumpy. (Also, Haagen Dasz therapy.)

  10. Hey, LCN! There actually probably won't be a lot of memories for me personally, because I started my real perfume career after age thirty, and few of my relatives were into perfume. Then again, I could just be forgetting - it'll be very interesting to see if any of these produce that "I've smelled this!" reaction.

    With so much enthusiasm, I'm thinking about the Tabu and the Canoe, too. :)

    (I'm less grumpy, but I'm out of chocolate _and_ milk! I may need to restock.)