Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SOTDays: None. And laziness.

I'm unscented. Been that way all day.

I could climb stairs to become scented.

Or I could have an evening nap.

I suspect I'll be going with the second option.

Image: By MarmadukePercy. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I haven't worn perfume in 2 days (!), then I put on Estee Lauder Sensuous today, now some Diptyque Tam Dao lotion. I'm in wood heaven.

    *smooches lazy cats*

  2. CF,

    Because I miss your longer fragrance posts, I am thinking of flying across the country, breaking into your house, selecting something from your perfume cupboard and scenting you with it. Afterwards which I'll set you up with some milk and cookies and force you to stay at your computer until you write about it.

    Because I'm kind of mean and sadistic that way!

    But mostly because I miss your posts. ;-)

  3. Hey, Carrie! Ooh, that sounds nice. I really must smell Sensuous.

  4. Hey, Suzanne! As I said in the next post (responding all backwards, I am) I loved this; it made me laugh and made me happy. :) (I think it also inspired me to get the cookies that are on the couch next to me...)