Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SOTD: Chanel Coco EDP

I had a problem with tuberose for a while. It made me grumpy and prickly and irritable, and my theory was that somewhere in my childhood there was probably some annoying woman who smelled of tuberose. I got over it, and now I love tuberose.

I lavishly sprayed my new bottle of Chanel Coco EDP, and it made me grumpy and prickly and irritable.


That annoying woman apparently wore more than one perfume. Now, I'm confident that I'll get over it. Ignoring the associations, I do like this scent. I like the initial gingerbread notes, and I like the fact that they're accompanied with something sharp and tart and Chanel-like. I like the fact that the scent makes me feel like a grownup. I like the combination of Chanel and gourmand. It's all good.

I just have to forget the annoying woman.

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Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. 20 years after I last sprayed Coco on myself, I tried it again. It smelled of bitter, depressed teenage girl. With time, I got past it and we have happily reunited.

    Every time you push the atomizer, spray that irritating woman away and enjoy YOUR Coco!

  2. Great piece, CF-- didn't see the punchline coming... ;)

    I've loved Coco for years, can't imagine doing anything but, but your experience made me laugh.

  3. Coco is one of my favorites. I at times cannot stand aldehydes but at times orris, depending, and now I think perhaps someone was wearing it while I was little and it brings me bad feelings. But I get over it. I never feel anything negative about coco, on the contrary. But I can't wear Chanel n. 19! Happy 2011

  4. Hey, JoanElaine! Y'know, it may be just as well that I didn't discover perfume in teenhood; it probably would have ruined a number of perfumes for me. But, yep, a few wearings on a few good days, and Grumpy Prickly Irritation will be gone.

  5. Howdy, LCN! Yep, I really hope that woman wasn't a perfumista, whoever she was, or I may run into real trouble when I start seriously chasing vintage scents. :)

  6. Howdy, Vintage Lady! Oh, that's sad about No. 19. :( It's beautiful, but it is such a very stern, uncompromising fragrance that it would be hard to really cuddle up to it if you're tried to reconcile with it.

  7. I adore Chanel Coco. But, for me, I associate with positive female "role models", a librarian at that Nashville library you frequented as a little one, and a French prof in college. OMG! Do you think the same librarian has made you hate Coco? Wouldn't that be something!
    But, I understand where you are coming from. I'm "growing up" and I'm finally able to let go of the people & stuff associations. I'm not a bitch if I wear white flowers and pink pepper won't put me in a sorority! The joys of letting go.

  8. I actually started my perfume journey liking tuberose, Goutal's Gardenia Passion - honking big tuberose, no gardenia - was what I thought I loved. But after sniffing my way through dozens of sample orders and falling in love with woods, gourmands, and austerely beautiful roses, Iris and even a chypre or two, I find a sniff of most tuberose fumes finds me recoiling. These noses of ours are funny things, aren't they? LOL

  9. Greetings, EauMG! Ha! That would be funny, but there's nothing negative in my memories about that library. In fact, for years after we left Nashville, I used to have dreams where I was trying to get there - both there and Dodson Elementary in Hermitage, my school, which I also loved and longed for after moving to the Unpleasantry of my new school.

    Yep, I'm confident that I'll release whatever is haunting Coco. :)

  10. Hey, Kathy! They really are. And, oh, dear, I hope I never stop liking tuberose. Hey, have you ever tried the really weird ones, like Tuberose Criminelle?