Monday, December 7, 2009

SOTD: Chanel Coco (Parfum)

So in the list of Reasons To Wear A Perfume, "I haven't blogged about it yet" should rank pretty low. Actually, it shouldn't appear at all. Nevertheless, that's why I'm wearing Coco parfum today.

Well, also, Now Smell This just published a review of Coco that made it sound both interesting and lovely. And somebody on Basenotes, I believe it was, called Coco the best Oriental. I started wondering why I don't much like the stuff, and if perhaps I've changed my mind.

Have I? I can't decide.

The parfum is everything that I expect a Chanel parfum to be. It's well-blended, so that you can't pick out the individual notes. It's smooth, suave, elegant and graceful. And I can't decide if that's good or bad.

It's a texture thing. I remember the Eau de Parfum, last time I sampled it, as being much less smooth. It was pricklier, grainier, the spices more prominent and easier to pick out from the other notes. Rather like gingerbread, very gourmand-like.

The parfum is not at all gourmand; it's all scent and no food. The EDP is comforting and friendly and rather Hansel-and-Gretel. The parfum is a glamour girl. The EDP is tweed; the parfum is sable.

I suspect that I'm more Gretel-eating-gingerbread, than glamour-girl-in-sable. I'll give the EDP another try.

Review Roundup: Now Smell This and Perfume-Smellin' Things and Scentzilla and ScentsOfSelf and The Perfume Chronicles and Basenotes and MakeupAlley and My Perfume Life and Fragrantica.

Edited to add to the Review Roundup.

Photo: By pschemp. Wikimedia Commons.

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