Tuesday, November 2, 2010

SOTD: None. And NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo has begun.  Who has time for perfume? OK, yes, I do have time to wear perfume, but unless I make fiction about it, who has time to write about it?

I had forgotten what NaNoWriMo was like. Mainly, I'd forgotten just how pellmell the writing is, how fast it's necessary to write to get in the requisite 1667 words a day, on a work day. Yesterday, I achieved a little over 400 words; today I've already gone to Dr. Wicked as the only way to get those words coming out fast enough. I keep thinking that I'll spit out the 1667, and then I'll do some more leisurely writing, but so far, the daily goal is all I've managed to achieve.

Image: By Dake. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I'm behind, too. After two days, I'm only at 2218 words - well behind the benchmark 3334. Grr.

    They HAVE been busy days, and things should calm down a little bit soon, but still. I'm behind, and not happy about it.

    Doing the Posse challenge for one scent only this week, though, so Emeraude is keeping me company.

  2. I'm so annoyed with myself about the Posse challenge - I flaked and forgot it and now I don't have access to the bottle that I wore on Monday. And that wouldn't have been the bottle of choice anyway - I would have worn Oriental Lounge. Grumble.

    Have you tried Dr. Wicked? It's surprisingly motivating. Admittedly, I don't write _good_ stuff on Dr. Wicked, but sometimes the pressure to Type Type For The Love Of God Type! produces some interesting things that I wouldn't have produced if I had time to think about them.