Saturday, November 27, 2010

Link: Miss Mosaic (Blatant Friend Promotion!)

Remember Gardener Artist, mentioned previously in my blogs? Her proper Internet title is Miss Mosaic, her real name is Karen Rycheck, she makes beautiful things, mostly mosaics, and she's gearing up her Etsy store.

Naturally, being me, I'm showing the chicken side of her art in this post. See that cranky chicken shading under the grape arbor? She's just one of several that roam through the Greek market mosaic that Karen created as the centerpiece of our garden. You can see the rest of the mosaic (ducks and olives and amphoras, oh, my!) at the Commission Art link on her website. If you look really close, you might be able to see the tiny dancing pigs ornamenting the bases of the amphoras. (Mmmm, barbecue...)

But Karen doesn't just do big commission pieces - she does mirrors and tiles and hanging pieces and all sorts of things. For example, I'll be hanging Cock-A-Doodle Mosaic in my den. So with Christmas coming up, it's time for the blatant friend promotion: Have a look!

Image: Copyright Miss Mosaic. 


  1. Oh, oh, the one you have is my favourite! Even if your friend had similar ones in stock, they would cost a pretty penny to ship over here, sadly. : - (

  2. Hey, Vanessa! Yes, I guess that would be a difficulty. :) Beautiful, though, huh?