Wednesday, November 10, 2010

SOTD: Hermessence Vetiver Tonka

I like this better and better every time I wear it. But I've never reviewed it. I suspect that that's because I can't quite put words to it. It's sharp, sometimes. And sweet sometimes and edible sometimes and medicinal sometimes. Sometimes it's weird and sometimes, for a moment, it's pretty, as in girly pretty. It's fresh, but not in the girly chiffon-flapping-over-a-crystal-blue-stream way that I can hear every time a perfume salesperson says "fresh".

But other people have words, so, here's the Review Roundup: Now Smell This and  Bois de Jasmin and  Basenotes and MakeupAlley and Perfume Shrine and Fragrantica and SmellyBlog and 1000Scents and MonkeyManMatts.

(The cat? Well, there's grass in the photo. Vetiver is a grass. See?
OK, yeah, he's just cute.)

Image: By Sage Ross. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Don't you love those crafty perfumes that change each time you wear them? Well, actually, the perfume may not change at all, but instead our interpretation of them. Perhaps our noses are a bit bi-polar?

    Must try Vetiver Tonka.

  2. I think you put up a different cat-in-the-grass photo the last time you posted on this one. (Oh, no, I'm not complaining! I love cats in the grass. Or dogs in grass. Or cats pretty much anywhere, really.)

    That is a really hefty cat. Looks like a stalking meatloaf... I'll bet HE stalks the meatloaf, too!

    Still avoiding VT. Still don't know why, really, except vetiver sort of scares me. Also, I can't make those two pieces fit together in my mind, vetiver and tonka. It's like coriander and vanilla - does that combo work? Nope. Not in my (admittedly limited) brain. Heavy sigh.

  3. Yo, Josephine! Yes, I love those. Especially since with so many faces, usually at least one is nice and weird. :)

    Maybe they are, or maybe it's affected be what else we've smelled that day - maybe we're always getting a little anosmic to this and that? I dunno. :)

  4. Mals! I did. I just went to check, and indeed this is the third cat-in-grass picture for this perfume. :) I think it's my favorite - you're right that he looks like a determined furry meatloaf. I suppose that "cute" was the wrong word for me to use - he looks as if he would take offense at the description.

    I was going to say don't be afraid of Vetiver Tonka, but I must admit that the vetiver part lasts a _really_ long time, long after the sweet bits are gone. So it's not the least bit scarey at first spray, but sixteen hours later there's no escaping the (mild, well-behaved) vetiver.

    But the two pieces really do work, I promise.