Monday, August 30, 2010

SOTD: Tubereuse Couture and random randomness

This was lovely today, but a little over-sweet. I think that it's not a late summer scent.


These are the days when I wonder if this daily blogging thing is an altogether good idea. I wait for clever ideas, and they dance determinedly out of reach.

So, hey, I'll ramble about ideas for ideas.

Sometimes I go to Wikimedia Commons and click the Random File button a few times. Today, I learned that there's an entire category called "details of typewriters". Aren't those keys up there lovely? They remind me of a film that we saw at the Ashland Independent Film Festival a year or three ago, called "Manufactured Landscapes" - except that the typewriter keys are lovely and happy, and the landscapes in the film were often lovely, but often horrifying at the very same time.

Sometimes I go look at other people's blogs. Today there was a lovely post on Scent Self about Joan Holloway from Mad Men. And one from Notes from Josephine about the puzzling phenomenon of those Tauer perfumes that absolutely everyone loves. Except, apparently, Josephine and, by the way, me. But even if I'm inspired by someone's post, stealing that idea for my own blog seems Wrong. So I finish up entertained but no closer to my own post.

Sometimes I ramble about a recent discovery. For example, I've always loved sunflower seeds; I crack and eat them like a crazed squirrel. I recently learned that they're rich in tryptophan - as are milk, chicken, turkey, peanut butter, and other foods that I eat, or have eaten, with gluttonous abandon. I wondered about potatoes, and I read that they help a desperate brain absorb tryptophan. So it appears that I've spent a lifetime snacking for serotonin - the stuff that trytophan turns into.

And eventually I tell myself to post, already. That time has come.

Image: By Kolossos. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I don't get on with Tauerade either!

    : - )

    I recently learnt that women of a certain age get all the nutrients they could possibly need from a judicious selection of mixed nuts.

  2. Hmmm. So, like, these are healthy cravings? For the nuts, that is. Not for Tauerade. For me, Tauerade is not healthy.