Friday, August 20, 2010

SOTD: Hermessence Vetiver Tonka

This seems to be Hermessence week.

This time, I enjoyed Vetiver Tonka while wearing it, instead of tolerating it and longing for it the next day. This seems like progress.

That is all. Except that it's Friday and therefore nap time.

(Huh. I still haven't done a Review Roundup for this? I should correct that.)

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I'm curious about, but unfamiliar with, the Hermessence line. What is it about Vetiver Tonka that challenging for you?

  2. Well, vetiver has that... vetiverness. :) Astringent, bug-killing, could be refreshing if it weren't so _much_. Vetiver Tonka makes it much better-behaved, more transparent, and masks the bitter and astringent elements just enough - just enough for me, that is; I'm a vetiver wimp.

    It's sort of like taking a lemon and putting sugar on it, grain by grain by grain, until it's at that point where you can _just_ enjoy the sour instead of finding it painful. But you still perceive it as sour, and you suspect that the next taste will be too sour. But it's not. But the next one surely will. But it's not. And so on. That's what the day of wearing it is like.

    And then you eat a piece of candy and it's cloyingly sweet, and you really miss the sour. That's what the next day, wearing a more affable fragrance, is like.