Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rambling Link: Festive Rebellion

Remember my grumbling about wanting to talk about blogging, without getting bogged down in talking about SEO or payments per adsense click or other such nonsense?

Well, there's a group on BlogCatalog called Real Bloggers United that seems to have essentially the same goal. They have an associated blog, and solicit posts from members each month. I submitted a post on the August theme of "holiday".

Writing a post for Another Blog was an interesting experience. I hadn't fully realized how much I depend on the context associated with my blog - that is, the ability to link to my own posts, and the fact that you folks know that I'm a crazy person who likes the smell of gasoline and mothballs in my perfume, and the whole fried chicken thing. And bacon. (In fact, I'm growing a post on bacon right now.) Writing a post without that context to draw from was odd.  It's probably a good exercise for me as a writer, but it's odd all the same.

And now that that post is written, I find that now my brain is including that post in the soupy mental mishmash of things to draw from in writing possible future posts. So, I want to point to it.

Also, if any of you wanted to wander over to that group to talk blogging, I'd be delighted. While the Will To Discuss is there, the forum hasn't yet reached the critical mass needed for regular discussion, and it would be nice if it did.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. That was a great read! Loved the vision of the lights turning off in store on Christmas Eve before you have "finalised your purchases and made your way to the check out".

    And celery is such a worthy vegetable, isn't it? It used to come under my wing in a former life as a product manager for chilled salads and related vegetable matter, and ever since learning that you lose 11 calories per stick consumed, I couldn't really be doing with it. That is not vegetable matter - that's anti-matter.

  2. Thanks very much!

    Yes, there's just something sinister about celery. Healthy sinister. The worst kind.