Friday, August 6, 2010

SOTD: Balmain Ivoire

Some facts about Ivoire and me:
  • I enjoy Ivoire's aldehydes. This is almost un-heard-of for me.
  • I enjoy Ivoire's powder. This is a bit less startling, but it's still unusual.
  • It's an inexpensive easily-obtained modern version of a classic fragrance that (unlike modern Vent Vert) doesn't just make me think sadly of days gone by.
And... er... that is all.

Oh, except, it's the weekend! Woohoo!

Review Roundup: Is here.


  1. Hey thank you! I was just considering buying Ivoire my my local discount store, but I didn't really know anything about it. Now I will get it.

  2. Thanks for the thoughts about Ivoire! I have smelled it, but not actually on my own skin. Will definitely try it now.

  3. I SO want to be able to wear Ivoire, as it is the signature scent of an elegant friend, but what starts out promisingly as a soapy floral on me quickly turns to urinous saddles.

  4. Hey, kjanicki! Definitely worth trying, yes. If you happen find yourself not liking the opening, try to wait it out - the stages of development are even more distinct than a lot of fragrances.

    Greetings, Josephine! Yes yes. And I think the skin is critical - at least, it seems mandatory for the "really expensive soap" phase, which I love.

    Yo, Flittersniffer! Oh, that's just not fair. I can easily see how the notes could be scrambled to do exactly that, too.

  5. Aldehydes? Really? Must go resniff Ivoire... have not worn it for ages. Probably because it changes so much, and either I'm in the mood for the crisp green top OR the rich golden drydown, but not usually for both.

    And yes, "really expensive soap." Except I think the soap fights with the oakmoss. Face it, I'm never exactly comfortable in this thing. I should pass it on to someone who is. I think I paid all of $13 for my 50ml bottle.

  6. Yo, Mals! Well, it's on the notes list, and I think I smell it - it's like the stuff that I don't like in many other perfumes, except in this one it charms me. :)

    Ah, that's interesting about the soap and the oakmoss - the oakmoss must develop more on you. With me, the oakmoss doesn't really challenge the soap, so the soap is the phase of development that I can relax into, after the more challenging phases. If it stayed challenging there, then I can see that there wouldn't be enough payoff.