Sunday, December 13, 2009

SOTD: Parfumerie Generale Cadjmere

Mmm. Fuzzy coconut fur.




I seem to be empty of brain. Extra, unusually, almost unprecedentedly, empty of brain. Normally, I can at least babble about something inconsequential. Today... what?

I blame it on the holidays and an overfilled mental priority list. There's the year to tie up at work. And the house to tidy up at, well, home. And gifts to choose. And wrap. And ship.

And will we have that larger party we've been talking about? And when did I last do laundry?

And are the ornaments in the garage attic? And are there black widows in the garage attic? Do black widows look good on the Christmas tree? What if you dip them in glitter?

You can see, here, that my mind is on hold. But coconut fur is a fine wrapping for a mind on hold. Even if that's probably not an image that the copywriters at LuckyScent ever thought of.

Photo: Kris de Curtis. Wikimedia Commons.

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