Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BOTD: The Dido Hoare series, by Marianne Macdonald

Have I mentioned that I read a lot of mysteries?

I do. So I'm always happy to find a new series. It looks like there are seven or eight books in the Dido Hoare series, and that should last me at least a week. If I'm not on vacation.

I'm halfway through the second book, and these are good. The main series character, Dido Hoare, is an independent antiquarian book dealer with a scholarly (ex-Oxford) elderly father who's busily trying to run her life. The series is present day, but there's a nice civilized feel about it that I enjoy. So far, the mysteries involve the bookstore, but they're not so exclusively about the books that they leave the characters untouched.

Dido is a sufficiently believable character that I didn't start analyzing her (Is she too perfect? Too neurotic? Too vulnerable? Too tough? Too smart? Too stupid?) until writing this post. That's always a good sign. And I did analyze her father, but as a person, not as a fictional creation. Also a good sign.

These are good. I may have more to say when I've gobbled through the whole series.

Photo: By Stewart Butterfield. Wikimedia Commons

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