Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Compilation: Reformulation, Discontinuation, Perfume Hoarding, and Panic

A suitcase hanging from a chain, precariously, over rushing water.
So I just saw One More Good Article on the topic that I think of as perfume separation anxiety, and decided that I want to assemble a compilation.

This isn't remotely every good article on the subject, it's just the ones I found first, plus ones that I come across as I'm reading. Plus, I'm focusing more on loss than on the IFRA, because, well, as depressing as loss is, the IFRA is more depressing.

And for grieving for specific perfumes:
(Edited to add Harem. And the Wall Street Journal piece. And now the two about Lutens discontinuations.)

Photo: By Joadl. Wikimedia Commons. Click for details or license.


  1. Ha! I was talking about this is my samples post yesterday. I freaking hoard perfume like crazy. I have actually intentionally hoarded, buying multiple bottles of perfume I like in case it gets reformulated or goes bad.

    It's not just perfume, either. The lipstick I wore at my wedding? Discontinued. I now own 4 unopened tubes of it. Ebay.

    It's a problem.

  2. Yep, I keep fighting myself _not_ to buy another sixteen bottles of Cristalle, or... well, you know, everything else. I love perfume but I use it lightly and rarely use the same perfume more than twice a month, so there is absolutely no reason for me to have more than one full bottle of anything. But I still wanna.