Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rambling: Pro-scent and anti-scent (Or, Scent grumpiness)

We just bought a new hand-dishwashing soap. It's very strongly scented, first of grapefruit and then of... something else, maybe just standard soapy white musk. This annoys me immensely.

So does my scented laundry detergent. And dusting sheets. And shampoo. I'm a perfume freak, and I also vehemently oppose scented products.

I consider these two positions perfectly consistent. I want to smell what I want to smell. And I'm OK with smelling what other people want to smell - another person's chosen perfume or other scent doesn't bother me. But when I have to smell an unchosen smell in a purely utilitarian product, that annoys me no end. And it annoys me that I have to pay extra to find products that aren't scented. I don't need hypoallergenic products, I just want to be able to smell my scent, undiluted with other scents.

So maybe the perfume freak and the anti-scent activist have more in common than they think ?

Grumpy Kitty photo by Keven Law. Wikimedia Commons.

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