Monday, June 2, 2014

Slacking! I'm slacking!

On the daily blogging, that is. I'm thinking of making a rule that if I haven't posted by, oh, 10pm every night, I have to click the "new post" button and type something.


Something something something.

Did I mention that I don't believe in writer's block? Doesn't exist, right? Right.

I'm frying chicken wings. Yum.

I've been reading a lot of feminist blogs. Somehow their bookmarks got mixed up with the bookmarks for the fashion blogs, which can be a bit of a jolt. Of course, some of the fashion blogs are also feminist--that's how they got mixed up--but all the same.

I've also been reading a lot of books by female authors in which they write about their writing.

I ate the chicken wings.

I'm fatter now.

That is all.

Image: By Peter G. Trimming. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I'd be interested to know which fem blogs you're reading! (How's that for a post topic?) They would help balance out my junk (makeup and shopping) reading list which is useful when I need to turn my brain off, but sometimes just doesn't cut the mustard. :)

  2. Howdy, Das! Hmm, yes, I should make a list. In a post. Or my blogroll. My blogroll is sadly out of date.