Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Daily Ramble

Have you heard the actor who plays Orphan Black's Felix speaking in his real-world American accent? It's surreal.

Helena remains my favorite character. ("White Russian?" "Pork rind?")

Since I cut out Coke, I keep having a kinda-sorta-almost migraine. I'm tempted to cut out all caffeine and blast music while staring into a spotlight just to get the bleeping thing to come and go.

I read that migraines are often preceded with food cravings. Is that the reason for, well, the food cravings? Or is it just normal chicken gluttony?

Mmm, chicken.

That seems to be all.


  1. I haven't heard Felix' real voice, but I read that even British people thought he was British! Not sure who my favorite clone is. I just cannot believe that one actress is doing all those and for the most part they are all so distinct!!

  2. It is amazing. I keep forgetting, over and over, that they're the same actress. And then I wonder things like, where do they put all that *hair* when they assemble Rachel?

  3. I never thought about the hair - but you're right!