Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rambling: Rambling Rambling

OK, so the daily blogging thing kind of fell down.

I got busy.

Then I caught a cold.

Which is still present.

So I'm feeling whiney.

Those three lines seem vaguely haiku-like.

Now that I've re-read everything by Josephine Tey, I'm starting over with Ngaio Marsh.


That appears to be all.


  1. Get well soon!
    I'm trying to find my happiness again - but I'm also trying not to whine about how life has hit me. I do think I'm to blame for the predicament I'm in - I made all the choices that brought me here. :)
    So, now I have to make those that will remove me from here. ;)
    Would you recommend Josephine Tey?

  2. Ooh, I haven't read Josephine Tey in forever - but I seem to recall her stuff was great!

    Get well soon!

  3. Hey, Ines! I'm sorry that you've been hit. :( I tend to feel that even if you feel responsible, you're entitled to thrash around or grieve or whatever you need.

    Yes! Definitely read Josephine Tey. They're smart *and* they have nice comfy likable people.

  4. Yo, Vanessa! Thanks! Irritatingly, I'm still coughing. Grr.