Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rambling: Chicken and Snacky Things

Chicken thighs make the best fried chicken skin. Wings are second. The middle sections of wings, the ones with two little bones. It's harder to look civilized while eating the wings. You can nibble around the edges of the two little bones, but it's much more fun to sink your teeth in between them, tear them apart, and then eat the mostly-intact skin.

Lindt dark mint balls, the kind that they only sell at Christmas, are the best chocolate. Himself got me a supply. Himself is very clever.

I've developed a growing fondness for those sesame snap snack things. I just learned that you can buy them online. Of course you can buy them online; you can buy everything online. I just hadn't thought of it. I've also developed the habit of eating them after eating baked chicken from the local grocery deli, while watching the British show My Family. Habits are weird things.

I'm out of turkey. Turkey is an essential component in surviving the sugar-reduction diet. It was a mistake to run out of turkey. It was a further mistake to run out of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt  has some sugar of its own (well, lactose or something), but you drizzle one little teaspoon of honey into a big bowl of it and stir it around, and it's a lot of sweet taste for not that much sugar.

Of all things sugar that I crave, I miss Mint Milanos the most. Except maybe for Coke-in-glass-bottles. Well, and the pralined pecans they sometimes have at the candy store. And cupcakes from St. Cupcake. I'm also remembering the cake that Gardener Artist brought to the Christmas party. It was a really, really, extraordinarily, oh-my-God, good cake. We ate all the leftovers. It's gone now. I miss it.

Oh, and Julie's ice cream bars. The vanilla with dark chocolate. Ooooooh.






I can have an ice cream bar! Bwahahahahahaha!


OK, this round of the low-sugar diet seems to be wearing on me a little more than the first round. You may have noticed.

Now I'm going to go shake the refrigerator and demand that it produce turkey.


  1. Hmmm I almost feel guilty lying in bed watching Law and Order Reruns and eating a huge plate of fudge - an new addiction I acquired over Christmas. Almost... I am out of turkey also. :)

  2. FUDGE!

    At least I have turkey now.

    But no chocolate.