Thursday, January 31, 2013

Perfume: Solstice Bad

Here we go again. We're a few weeks past the winter solstice, and suddenly I don't like any of my perfumes. Well, hardly any. I thought that this was happening ahead of schedule, but looking at my blog, it's actually behind--in 2011, I whined about it on January 9.

The other day, I didn't like Santal Majascule, a perfume that I liked before. I don't like Carillon Pour Un Ange, today's scent, and I adored it before. I don't like Une Crime Exotique. Or Serge Noire, or, for that matter, any incense. A La Nuit smelled clean and sweet and pink when I sniffed it yesterday. (Eeew.) Bvlgari Black? Meh. Oriental Lounge? Feh. Tea for Two? I don't even like Tea for Two today!

Cadjmere. L'Eau Rare Matale. Tubereuse Couture. Gardenia Grand Soir. Un Lys. I don't like any of 'em right now. I don't dare smell No. 19, because if I say anything disrespectful about her, she'll kill me.

But I like Cuir Venenum better than I've liked it in years, better than I've liked it since the day I bought it. And I loved Lorenzo Villoresi Sandalo, all day yesterday.

I'm thinking that Saturday I'm going to sniff until my nose falls off, to see which other fragrances I like during the cold-to-warm season change. Because spending four to eight weeks as a non-perfume-lover twice a year is starting to annoy me.

That is all. I'll probably enthuse about Sandalo tomorrow.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I struggle with spring scents, too. I always find myself 'meh'-ing over a lot of my options. I don't know why. I think it is in part because it's my least favorite season. It might also be that I'm just frequently out of sorts when I hit Spring. Either way, I feel you.

  2. I hear you. I get sick of perfumes mid-bottle. But I love Cuir Venenum, glad someone else in the blogosphere does too!

  3. Hey, Diana! I have the problem spring or fall. It's weird, just weird. Though come to think of it, I don't seem to love spring scents as much as winter ones even when I reconcile to them, except maybe for Cristalle. I do love late spring/early summer - well, May. When the muddy part of spring is over.

  4. Yo, Joan! Yes! I've been wondering now and then why I bought Cuir Venenum, and suddenly it's like it's a whole new fragrance. I'll try to remember from now on, it's a February scent.