Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blogging: Identity confusion and stinky cats

I need to change my blog name.


It would be different if the blog were about fried chicken. The first post was indeed about fried chicken, and while I anticipated more than one topic ("obsessions", after all), I expected chicken to have a larger presence.

The world certainly has room for a blog about fried chicken. And a database. Proper "twenty minute wait" pan-fried chicken is harder and harder to find, and even deep-fried chicken worth eating is increasingly scarce. Someone on a layover from the airport in Medford, Oregon, for example, should be able to connect to a website, select "bone in" and "deep fried OK" and learn that the fried chicken at Food4Less is startlingly good. Eliminating "bone in" and expanding the driving distance to include Ashland would let them know that Taroko's Pattaya chicken has a very high-quality crunch, especially if ordered with the sauce on the side. That Lark's fried chicken breast, while it sadly isn't bone-in, has a glorious crust that even stands up to gravy. And so on. The world needs that website.

But I haven't created it, and odds are I'm not going to. So that returns me, to: I need to change my blog name.


But what to call it? I'm hampered by my reluctance to lose the weird altogether. Most of my ideas are sort of...pretty. I thought of names like "Fragrant Trifles" or "Savory Trifles" or names with the word "whimsy" in them. But those names make me feel that they belong to someone who wears high-heeled shoes more than twice in a decade. On the other side, I thought of things like The Stinky Typist, but, well, I dunno.

While searching for deeply-out-of-copyright quotes about perfume, I kept running into the following:

I cannot talk with civet in the room
  A fine puss gentleman that's all perfume.
      - William Cowper, Conversation

I rather like that, in a contrary sort of way--I'm talking not only with perfume in the room, but in large part talking about perfume. And I love civet as a note, and they don't actually torment cats for it any more, right?

A blog named Civet in the Room? I already nabbed the domain name, but that's not a commitment, that's just for security while I dither; I could always release it.


Chicken Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I don't think I would change it! There must a lot of people who know you know as ChickenFreak - myself included. I know that Google will always find ChickenFreak's Obsession, even if I don't know the exact url.

    If you must change it, I'd make it an accessible name, and not something like "civet." I write this comment now quite hungry for chicken, and wonder where's the best pan fried chicken in Seattle? Many people won’t know what a “Civet” is!

    Perhaps you simply need The Fragrant Fowl blog? It could still be a little bit of both good things.

    Oh I am so sorry to be a negative Nancy about the idea of changing your blog’s name. It’s just that I really do check this blog far more often than I comment, and I love how very easy to remember and find your blog is.

  2. You can take the Chicken out of the Freak but you can't take the Freak out of the Chicken. I am among the many who don't know what a Civet is and if you have to explain your name then its a lost battle. Some are born into Chicken others have Chicken thrust upon them... I'm having so much fun with this I don't think it is fair to me if you change it. Go Chicken!

  3. I don't mind Civet in the Room but, like Chicken Freak, it just doesn't seem 100% like you, to me. Both of them seem quite serious and intense, and your blog has a good dash of fun to it. I think you need something cheekier. Just my two scents. Hahaha. :)

  4. Hey, Carol! Thanks! What to do, what to do?

  5. Howdy, Melody! Hmmmmm. I see your point. But the name seems silly. But I see your point. And don't feel bad about voting against the name; hearing that you read the blog frequently makes me feel good. :)

  6. Yo, Sam! Welcome! Hee. So, like, it's silly but that's good? Hmmm.

  7. Natalie! You read ChickenFreak as intense? That's interesting, and I'm curious as to why?

    Cheeky? Cheeky. More hmmming.