Sunday, November 8, 2009

SOTD: Nothing

Today I didn't wear perfume. While Himself is always very nice about my obsession, he's not a fan of fragrances in enclosed spaces, and we were going to spend several hours in the car together. So, not even one surreptitious spray.

This made me think about the fact that I don't need a reason to wear perfume, I need a reason not to. Adequate reasons not to wear it include the need to avoid annoying him, and the need to avoid asphyxiating anyone trapped next to me in confined places with assigned seating. (Generally, theaters or airplanes.)

Reasons to wear perfume include being awake. And sometimes being asleep, if I want pleasantly perfumed dreams. I don't save perfume for special occasions any more than I save, oh, toothpaste for special occasions.

The concept of 'saving for special occasions' sent me on a Google trek, and an enjoyable article about  Chocolate That's "Too Good To Use" on

"Everyday life in the Viking age" stamp illustrations from Wikimedia Commons.

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