Monday, November 30, 2009

Food: Puritan Chocolate Chip Cookies

OK, it's not exactly a recipe, it's a minor modification.

I'm never entirely happy with chocolate chip cookies. I always find myself wanting more soft, chewy dough with fewer of those annoying chocolate interruptions. And I want more flavor beyond the sugar and chocolate - specifically, more salt and vanilla. And those big chocolate chips interrupt the structural integrity of the aforementioned soft, chewy dough, and that annoys me.

It took me this long to realize, hey, I'm making the things, I can make them how I want. (Or, well, I can then the way I want if I make two batches. It's cruelty to Himself if I don't also make the traditional ones.)

So I took the standard Tollhouse Cookie recipe. I put in about fifty percent more salt. (Next time I'll double the salt. The salt will continue to increase until I'm completely happy.) I put in double the vanilla. I tossed in a handful of itty bitty mini chocolate chips. (Next time I may make it two handfuls; I do want to be able to taste a little chocolate.) And I squished it all into a nine by thirteen glass baking pan to make cookie squares. And I underbaked it just a tiny bit to make sure they'd be soft.


Image: Wikimedia Commons


  1. Hey, I'll make you choco chip cooks... I've got a goodly version. Ground oatmeal is the secret weapon, and if i'm cooking them for you I'll actually do what the recipe demands... grated chocolate bar to diffuse the choco taste throughout. Next time you're up we'll make em. We'll even add more salt. Though I think they're pretty salty.

  2. Ooh, yum. Grated chocolate would solve that whole Structural Disruption thing nicely. And, yes, more salt!