Sunday, August 30, 2015

Rambling: Chicken and Earl Grey Jokes

I want chicken.

Yeah, this is one of Those posts. The ones where I ramble on wherever my thoughts take me. Usually to chicken. And sunflower seeds. And caramelized onions. Did you know that onions, like chicken and sunflower seeds and milk and all of the foods that I crave, have (contain? produce?) dopamine? I hope that they still have that effect when they're caramelized. I suspect that they do, just because of the nature of the craving.

My top-ranked comfort food is goop, a dish of creamed chicken with caramelized onions.  Maybe I should add sunflower seeds, just to make the experience complete.

OK, I'll stop staring dreamily at an imagined plate of chicken and try to think of something else to say. For example, there are pumpkins in the garden. Five largish orange ones and two or three or four largeish green ones that will be orange any day. And the Candystick delicata squashes are coming along nicely. I hope that they get all the way to ripe and I can taste them.


Chicken chicken chicken.

I've been thinking that I should start perfume blogging again, but even if my brain weren't chasing its tail like a squirrel in a cage, we're in that period when the seasons change and I temporarily dislike almost all of my perfumes.  I think. Let's see what the blog has to say.

I see that in late August 2010, I loved Fendi Theorema.

In 2011, around the same time, I said that I found Un Crime Exotique "surprisingly suitable for summer." I see that I was also spending a lot of time gawking at The Farm.

In early September 2012 I spoke positively of Royal Apothics Green Tea.

Around the same time in 2013 I was talking about fashion and fried things; no perfume discussion.

In 2014 I was making happy noises about Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle.

And that brings us to now. The main...

Blink. What's Captain Jack doing on My Family?

Sorry for the digression there, but the British sitcom My Family is on on the television in front of me,  and John Barrowman, aka Captain Jack, aka Jack Harkness, from Doctor Who and Torchwood, was just talking to Susan Harper in a bus station or some such thing. His character is named, "The Doctor." Heh.

Oh, my God, John Barrowman has an album. As in, y'know, singing.

OK, I'm feeling surreal now. I could actually see the happy-go-luckyish Captain Jack from Doctor Who as a singer. Easily. But not the one from Torchwood. That's where the surreal comes in. It's sort of like seeing...seeing...seeing Jean-Luc Picard as a standup comic. Or something.


OK, that is all.


  1. Now if you didn't suffer from postal phobia, I would beg you for a sample of Tubereuse Criminelle, hehe.

  2. PS You don't hear about Theorama much these days. I suspect you didn't even in 2010.

  3. Vanessa! Come visit! We can decant like crazy!

    OK, OK, it doesn't look likely, but if all those travels ever take you through Oregon...

  4. PS to PS: No, it seems to have gently faded off the landscape, probably when bottles stopped turning up at the discounters. I remember being wildly excited when I finally "got" it; I had failed to be able to appreciate it for some time, and then it suddenly clicked.