Monday, September 22, 2014

SOTD: The Different Company De Bachmakov

(Actually, the scent of the weekend. We went to Portland Feast. We're fatter. Yay!)

It's been a while since I liked a new-to-me perfume this much. It's catering to my current preferences--I perceive it as silky, rather than fuzzy or dusty or scratchy. It's not too sweet or too sour. It announces itself proudly for several minutes after wearing, and just when I might feel a little too perfume-soaked it backs off and settles for sending out an occasional welcome puff if scent.

So what does it actually smell like? According to LuckyScent, "cedar wood, bergamot, shiso leaves, nutmeg, coriander leaves, white freesia, soft chalk accord." And they talk a lot about melting snow. According to me? Lemon, an idealized lemon that leans toward the floral. I assume that the lemon comes from the bergamot and the floral comes from, well, the flowers. I'm not sure what "soft chalk accord" is, but I think that it's what's making me feel "silky" rather than liquid.

This has me eyeing my credit cards. I've been wanting the perfect lemon for a while. Fresh Lemon Sugar has too much candy. Din Dan...well, I love Din Dan, and maybe this is just new and shiny, but I think I love it more.

My only concern is that it's not weird. It's pretty. It's feminine. It's not the least, tiniest little bit offensive on any level. This worries me a little.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I like the sound of the soft chalk accord part, but am rarely drawn to lemon scents. Well, that's not true, as I love Bronnley lemon soap, but it's not a favourite note in perfumes I mean. I would go with the flow on this one - maybe your nose is becoming more girly along with your taste in clothes? It's 'all good', as the young people say. ;)

  2. I must disagree! :) many years ago, I got a 0.7 mL sample that I found quite refreshing, maybe not lemony but certainly shiso-y, herbal, bracing(?). Just for the record, I tend to prefer unisex scents. So I kept thinking about it and thinking about it... a year later, I decided to get a bigger sample that I thought would push me towards FB. Well when I sprayed it instead of dabbed, it was way weirder. Like some kind of shiso salad. With chalky accord exactly! And suddenly it just became weeeeiiiird. Unwearable. It was super disappointing after all that time. I'm so glad someone else finally mentioned this scent and glad you're having a much better experience!

  3. Vanessa! Sixteen years later, I realize that I missed this and several other comments.

    Yes, it is possible that my nose is becoming more girly. For some reason, that idea alarms me. Why is that?

    I'll have to think.

  4. Yo, Das! Hmmm. Sounds like I should try it several times, then. I've had that "loved it; hate it" reaction too many times.