Monday, September 1, 2014

SOTD: Bacon. And rambling.

No, it didn't come out of a bottle. Which is a shame. Who wouldn't want a really good bacon perfume? I fried it in a pan, the traditional way. We had bacon and pancakes for Labor Day breakfast-for-dinner.

We ate whatever we darn well pleased this weekend, and last weekend, on the principle of making up for our lost vacation. We've resolved that we're going to cut that out and start eating some semblance of a decent diet next week. Though probably not Tuesday. You can't combine going back to work and going on a diet, right? Right.

I'm trying to get myself into a good slow-sewing habit, maybe half an hour every other day. This weekend my half hour was threading the serger with a new color. It's embarrassing that that takes half an hour, but there it is. As a bonus activity, I preshrunk the fabric for a pajama top, and found the pajama top pattern. Next I'll press the fabric. Tum te tum te tum. Bitty step by bitty step.

I just ordered Women in Clothes (Heti/Julavits/Shapton/associate editor Mann--I previously incorrectly attributed the whole thing to Mann), due out on Wednesday. I don't know much about it, but I really like the idea of what little I've read. I'll let you know how it is when I get it.

It occurs to me that it would be logical to add a page up there next to "new to perfume?" and "fume scout" and all that, for all these books about women and clothes that I keep reading. Maybe I will. Eventually. It could happen.


I guess that is all.


  1. I am not sure I would want to spend half an hour threading the serger, even if I knew what it was, hehe.

  2. Hee. :) It's the same as an overlocker, if that helps. One of those machines that make a multi-thread stitch like you find in store-bought garments.

    After the long process of threading (look at the chart, flip to the diagram, look at the chart, flip to the diagram, repeat for three more threads, try to stitch and panic as the machine ignores you entirely, remember to flip the panel that turns off the safety lock, touch pedal and breathe when machine growls, test stitch with bated breath...) the threading is more than worth it. It saves hours and hours of seam finishing.

    But all the same, from now on I expect to be making several garments in each color before I re-thread. :)