Saturday, May 17, 2014

Rambling: Longing for bubbles and syrup

So my daily posts are demonstrating a distinctly fluffball nature.  Is this because I'm blogging every day? Am I diluting my thoughts to the point that there won't be anything solid? Or is it just that the solid thoughts aren't going to come any more frequently?

We'll find out. I'm going for the second interpretation. Back when I was doing pretty reliable Scent Of The Day posts, some of them were solid and some of them were fluff.

I also wrote most of them while adequately caffeinated.

I want a Coke and I want it now.

OK, I'm stopping at fluffball here.


  1. I feel for you not being adequately caffeinated. I am definitely a caffeine addict, but tea is my drug of choice. I need to have at least two mugs by lunchtime, preferably three, to function normally. Not good really I know. I wonder if that is why I don't sleep too well? Though I have been blaming blue light and hormones for that.

  2. Yo, Vanessa! Now that I'm trying to avoid Coke, my caffeine source is iced tea, but iced tea just doesn't have the same whack-your-brain-with-a-hammer hit. I'd grown dependent on one Coke in the morning, which is far worse than your three mugs of tea, I think.

    I find that caffeine has no real impact on my sleep, but I suspect I'm wired strangely. :)