Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fashion: What happened to the scarf case?

Remember? Remember how they used to keep all those fancy filmy scarves in a glass case at the department store, as if they were jewelry, because often they were as expensive as jewelry? When I was young and broke, I used to spend time eyeing them. Now that I'm old enough to wear one and possibly to be able to pay for one, the cases are gone and the accessories department is full of big floofy cotton gauze things. And purses the price of a car.


So I bought this used/vintage (where is the boundary?) scarf on that trip to Portland, at...I think it was Magpie. It seems to have a paintery theme--see the closeup? I like it. It somehow makes me think of a Hitchcock movie.

But I want the scarf case back anyway.

That seems to be all.

Photo: Mine.


  1. Scarves have become somewhat mainstream, I agree, but T K Maxx occasionally harbours some very expensive designer ones - like Givenchy! - going for a lot, but a lot less than what it retailed for when it used to live in a cabinet (I am assuming at that price level it would have done). Yes, £50-£70 instead of £170, type of thing.

    But your painterly scarf is fun - and rather unusual I must say!

  2. Ooh, that's interesting, about the discounted scarves. I found some online, and found that while I've been working myself up to the idea of possibly spending, oh, a couple of hundred dollars on one, just once, they've bounced up to five hundred and twelve hundred and seventeen hundred.

    Hmph. It may be time for me to learn to do a rolled hem and make some of my own. In fact, I notice that rolled hems seem to be gone, perhaps because they're hard to do with machines. My more modern scarves are edged with binding, or are two layers sewn together pillowcase-style, or in other ways avoid hemming a single layer of something filmy.

    Isn't the paintery scarf cool? For some reason it reminds me of An American in Paris - not the movie or the plot or the characters, but some elements of the art in the fantasy sequences.