Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rambling: Gluttony

St. Cupcaaaaaaaaake!

We're on vacation. In Portland. Eating. Everything.

Ok, maybe not everything, but I just ate a fabulous peanut butter chocolate thing from a company named (lemme look...) Suzanne's Chocolaterie at the PSU Saturday Market. And a pint of chocolate milk from Lady-Lane Farm that competes with a long-mourned chocolate milk that was fortified with cream that we used to be able to get in the Bay Area before it vanished. And before that I ate a vanilla-with-chocolate-icing cupcake from St. Cupcake. It joined its sibling, which I ate yesterday

(Did I mention that I've been losing weight on a low-sugar lowish-carb lowish-milk diet? Yeah. That will resume post vacation.)

Of course I also ate low-carb food yesterday. Like the fish sauce wings from Pok Pok. And a charcuterie plate and gravlax and fried chicken from Irving Street Cafe. That's healthy, right?

Then there was nose gluttony. I finally bought a bottle of Parfums de Nicolai Number One at The Perfume Shoppe, after accepting that I can tell myself all I want that it's functionally redundant with Serge Lutens Un Lys; I'm still going to want it. And I ordered a small bottle of Chanel 28 La Pausa at Nordstrom's and they're going to tell me if they can get small bottle of 31 Rue de Cambon and we'll see if fiscal responsibility wins.

That is all. Right now.


  1. I have so many scents that are "functionally redundant", haha! Or just a hair's breadth away from others in terms of general vibe, certainly.

  2. Yo, Vanessa! Yep; it should be that the more perfumes i have the less likely I am to buy another one, much less another redundant one. But it seems to be that the more I have the more I want the favorites that differ by smaller and smaller nuances.