Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SOTD: Hermes Osmanthe Yunnan

And again I whine about this scent. I loved it once. Adored it. Completely understood Luca Turin's five star rating. And then I never appreciated it again.

I perceive it as "matte"--smooth, but a textured, not a fuzzy or furry, smooth. Dry, not liquid. A little bit dusty. I like all that, but it's not enough. For about fifteen minutes, starting about half an hour in, there's a lovely streak of lemon and I have hopes of loving it again. Then the lemon's gone and there's too much sugar and not enough tea or smoke.

I just wandered off to look at reviews of it, and this review on Now Smell This reminded me once again of the existence of The Pour un Ete.

Maybe Din Dan is going to have to wait.

Image: By Peter Kratochvil. Wikimedia Commons.

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