Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sewing: Autumn 6PAC, Part Two (Today, it's black and green.)

A couple of posts ago, I predicted a description of my black and purple Autumn 6PAC. Since then, I switched back to black and green. Will I stick to that through the end of writing this post? I'm not counting on it. But right now, the plan is:
  • Neutral Jacket: A Sewing Workshop Haiku Two jacket, the long version, in a black wool boucle from the stash that I've already tested for washability. The boucle is fairly bulky--I suspect that I might need to buy a lighter fabric for facings and such.
  • Neutral Bottom: Burda 8973, a close-fitting six-gore skirt with a bit of a trumpet skirt flip at the hem, in lightweight black denim, and I'll eliminate the lining. I'm specifying denim because I've been unable to find black wool crepe online; if I find some and a swatch survives the Wool cycle, I'll switch to wool and restore the lining.
  • Neutral Top: I already have two black linen shirts, one self-sewn, one purchased. So I could just skip this and still have a functional 6PAC. But if I finish all of the other garments, my plan is to make something turtleneckish with a lightweight black maybe-wool knit from the stash that's also been tested for washability.
  • Second Color Jacket: Another Haiku Two jacket in a gorgeous thick grassy-green cotton flannel wih a woven (not printed) pattern that gives it a woolly tweedy vibe. The change from purple to green is the flannel's fault; I just found it today. This one will also require special attention to keep the seams from being too thick.
  • Second Color Top: A Sewing Workshop Liberty Shirt in grass-green linen from the stash.
  • Two-Color Top: Er. I have nothing in the stash. I just fell in love with a silk charmeuse print in moss and black on Emma OneSock, but it's over fifty dollars a yard, so I'm firmly squelching that love.
So, it's a plan. For at least twenty minutes.

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