Sunday, January 17, 2021




I have a blog.

I've been writing. The first draft of the novel is close to done. It's going asymptotic--the closer it gets to done, the slower my progress.  That's partly, I suspect because I foolishly abandoned the strategy that got me to nearly-done.

But meanwhile, as the world falls apart, I feel the urge for less goal-oriented writing. I realize that for many people, blogging is immensely goal-oriented. Not for me.

So much "not for me" that I'm abandoning the thing that kept me from publishing the last few posts that I tried to type: The idea that when a person walks away from a blog for two years, that person's first post when they return should really be something.

But...those posts didn't get published.

So, if anybody's out there, hi! I hope I'll have something worth reading next time.

Image: Mine.


  1. Well, I, for one, am delighted to see this post after two years. And, boy do I know about the slog of blogging. Glad you're still around and writing!

  2. Nice to see you're still hanging in there! That WIP -- go kick its butt.

    I haven't blogged since... September 2020? Maybe 4-5 posts last year. Perfume is kinda meh, or at least I've said all I want to about it.
    I have a new writing project that's taking all my time. :)

  3. Christine! Mals! So glad to see you!

    Yep yep yep MUST FINISH WIP!