Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sewing: SWAP Again

OK, maybe every-other-day-ly blogging?

I finished another copy (copy? what do you call another rendition of basically the same thing?) of the knit skirt, in a nicer knit. It's dark gray; the previous one, which I'm wearing again, is light gray. I'm new to sewing knits, and realized (after the hem of the first one "popped" when I got into the car) that I needed a stretchier stitch. I used the "lightning" stitch on my Viking Rose, which I think is a stretch stitch, though I'm not quite positive because I couldn't immediately find the manual. I'll use the same stitch to re-do the hem on the first one.

Next I'll make a dark-green skirt. Then a black skirt. That will more than fill the "skirts" requirement for my SWAP.

Have I blogged any detail for my SWAP? (SWAP: Sewing With A Plan, an 11-piece sewing challenge managed at Artisan's Square.)  I'm calling it the Maybe I'll Do It This Time SWAP, because I keep planning SWAPs and never finish them. The theme here is to have clothes that replace jeans.

I have two variants, one more ambitious and one less, both listed below. The ones in bold are done. I'll probably re-post statuses and fabric choices.

  1. Grey knit skirt from McCall's 6654, view E--a long columnar knit skirt.
  2. Mossy green knit skirt, same pattern.
  3. Black knit skirt, same pattern.
  4. Silk/linen blend indigo blue jacket, made between 11/5 and 12/26, and therefore qualifying as an "early bird" garment.
  5. Another raglan jacket.
  6. A short cape.
  7. A drop-sleeve straight-hem woven shirt.
  8. And another one.
  9. And another one
  10. And the same again.
  11. And yet again.

And now the less ambitious, again with the completed items in bold.
  1. An existing self-sewn gored skirt in a washable black and white "denim".
  2. My existing long straight knit dark brown wool boucle purchased skirt.
  3. The grey knit skirt from above.
  4. The "wearable muslin" grey knit skirt.
  5. The green knit skirt from above.
  6. The brown jacket from above.
  7. The silk/linen jacket from above.
  8. Another raglan jacket
  9. A drop-sleeve straight-hem woven shirt.
  10. And another one.
  11. And another one.
Neither of them are very exciting. I have vague ambition of adding a little excitement to the remaining jackets. We'll see.


That is all.

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