Monday, April 11, 2016

Gardening: The farm droning continues.

So, I've already drawn an alarmingly optimistic plan that involves tilling row 6, half of row 7, and the weedy ends of rows 8 and 9.

And planting

  • A block of four beds of Supai Red parch corn.
  • Four kinds of pole beans growing on the corn: Fortex, Withner, Blue Lake, and Scalzo.
  • Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop summer squash. This is another one that's supposed to be good as a winter squash as well.
  • Four more tomatoes.
  • Another try at Candystick Delicata, in a proper plushy bed, because I grew it lean last year and it wasn't good.
  • Enation-resistant snap peas in some of the half-shaded back beds, as an experiment.
  • And repeats of already-planned things.
I should get a grip.

I occasionally tally up the things that can be harvested late and stored, to make myself feel less wildly irresponsible:
  • The parch corn.
  • Most of the beans, as dry beans.
  • All of the cucurbits except for the zucchini and cucumbers.
  • The potatoes.
It's a short list. I don't really feel less irresponsible. Now, the Armenian cucumbers and Costata Romanesco squash are at least harmless--they'll just sit there and turn into useless dry, hard things. The same for the peas. (For all I know the peas might even be decent dry peas, but I doubt it. I'll look them up.) My concern is all those tomatoes.

But I don't seem to be erasing anything yet.

Many of the tomatoes are dryfarm experiments, after all. So most of them could just fail. Right?

That is all.

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