Monday, January 5, 2015

IttyBittyFictionScraps: Coffee Break

(A tiny sample scrap written elseweb for a discussion of whether you need italics to get into thoughts in third person.)

He sat, thinking, toying with the coffee cup. How to handle this? He could address it with Mom, but Mom was...well, Mom. Mom had that crying jag last Thanksgiving, just because the turkey sat for an extra fifteen minutes. Mom had the brains, but she couldn't handle stress. Sue was the opposite--Sue would have been unfazed by the cooling turkey, but she would have handled it by throwing it in the clothes dryer on High, or something.

It had to be Joe. Dammit.

He shoved the cup to the middle of the table and dumped a handful of change next to it as he stood. Better get the call over with.



  1. I know one should NEVER tell a writer to write. But... pretty please?

  2. Howdy, Christine! Have I mentioned that I really do appreciate your encouragement? It no doubt doesn't look like it, given how long it takes me to respond, but I really do.

    I seem to be in a deeeep writing slump, but I hope that I will emerge. Surely the ittybitty shouldn't be hard to do...surely.