Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rambling: Rambling

If I'm going to just keep giving my posts that title, there's not much point in a title, is there? I suppose I could go with "Saturday rambling."

Have you seen the Barbie software engineer flap? Mattel produced a book, "I Can be a Computer Engineer", in which Barbie the engineer needs Steven and Brian's help not only to do her programming, but also to rescue her from a computer virus. She also has a pink heart-shaped flash drive that she wears on a necklace, because otherwise she'd be too forgetful to take backups.


While reading the stuff on various sites, such as Feminist Hacker Barbie, I also kept running into Lammily, a doll made with realistic dimensions for a 19 year old woman. She's more about body image than careers, but I think she looks like she'd write her own code, don't you? She's still a lot thinner than me, but she has room for her internal organs, which Barbie, apparently, doesn't.

One delightful detail is that apparently kids really, really like her. And it's not surprising; if you look at the photos on the website, she looks startlingly, delightfully, human. She reminded me of the fact that I always liked Skipper (back when Skipper was flat chested  and had a relatively wide waist) and the mother of the Sunshine Family better than I liked Barbie.

So I bought one. I'm weird that way.


That appears to be all.


  1. Oh hell, what with peaches and vaginas, and now Barbie, it seems we're backtracking here not going forward.

    I also think that Lammily doll is great. :)

  2. I saw the Lammily doll too! She has hips and cellulite and spots. I can relate to all three. And room for her internal organs, hurrah!

  3. Yo, Ines! Wait, peaches? What did I miss?

  4. Vanessa! Yes! Some people are complaining that she's still mighty thin to be called 'average', but I think that the fact that she's shaped like a woman who could be strong and healthy is a bonus, given that Barbie couldn't even be alive.

  5. Ahh, you missed the peaches? :)
    Here it is:

  6. Belatedly: Oh, my. I must try harder to keep up on my reading.