Sunday, September 8, 2013

NAYY: Photographs of Frippery, or, Purchases That Didn't Come In Bottles

I've made a dangerous discovery: There's this thing called jewelry. And you can buy some of it for a price similar to the price of a bottle of perfume. Not the kind made with really alarmingly expensive materials, but artistry doesn't require diamonds or platinum.

Over the past few months, I've bought some. And as part of documenting my quest for Style Or Something Like That, I wanted to blog about it.

Which leads to a side trip to explain the NAYY. I rarely talk about brands of anything but perfume on this blog, so when I do, I want to make it clear that no one is paying me, in money or swag or chicken wings, to talk about the stuff, and that I'm not affiliated with the companies in question. I do like the companies mentioned in this post, both the makers of the jewelry and the shops where I found the jewelry. While I'm not under any illusion that my blog has enough influence to result in a flurry of purchases, or even one purchase, from these companies, I'd be pleased if that did happen. So I'm going to go all linky.

I was inspired to write this post as I was gloating over my new earrings, made by Dori Csengeri and ordered from Prize in Ashland, Oregon. Since my ears aren't pierced, the nice ladies at Prize kindly arranged to get me this pair as clip-ons. Are they not gorgeous? They're what Dorothy should be wearing as she walks out of the Wash and Brush Up Co in the Emerald City. They're a combination of textiles and metal and crystals, which I find delightfully freaky.

I wandered over to the Csengeri website, a dangerous thing because I saw bigger pieces that are well beyond the price of a normal bottle of perfume. This necklace, for example. Or this pin. Or yowza! Look at this. Yum. And they're weird, they're different, they have, for me, that old-tangled-with-modern vibe that makes me also love steampunk.

I'm suddenly inspired to pair a perfume with each item of jewelry, rather like a wine pairing. Despite being the Best Green, Chanel No. 19 is a little too stern to be a match for these whimsical earrings. Balmain Vent Vert, the fierce vintage version, should also be a mismatch, but somehow I can see it as not just a predator, but a jewel-dripping king of the forest. So that's my choice.

The jewelry indulgence before that was at Jeweliette. In Vancouver. The owner reminds me of Nazrin at The Perfume Shoppe (also Vancouver) in the way that she can pull you into her bubble of knowledge, impart some of it, and send you away with a purchase that you're going to love.

She sells beautiful glittery things, including vintage-inspired jewelry made by (if I have my facts straight) Elsa Corsi, who (if I have my other facts straight) is her daughter. I find it somehow reassuring that gorgeous vintage-style glitter is still being made, and I don't have to worry about it (like vintage perfume) slowly fading away from the world. I don't actually know where I'll wear that bracelet, but I find it falling-down beautiful. I'd pair it with a perfume that's also modern but vintage-inspired, Estee Lauder Jasmine White Moss.

At the same time, I got a bracelet of clear crystals on black leather. It sounds sort of goth, doesn't it? And it looks sort of goth, and it's out of character for me, and I've worn it at least three times, so apparently it is "me" whether that seems intuitive or not. It would like me to buy something in black leather to wear with it, but it's been settling for less dramatic clothing. I'd tell you who made it, but I didn't make a note. You can see them on Jeweliette's website and I'm sure they'll tell you. But what to pair with it, to get the sparkle and the playful darkness? I'm thinking Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle.

Before that I visited One Of a Few, also Vancouver. It's a shop with interesting clothing, none of which fits me. But it still wasn't one of those shops where you feel as if you should measure yourself (like a suitcase in one of those measurers at the airport?) to see if you're thin enough to enter. There were cool shoes, always a nice compensation for the nothing-in-my-size situation. And the owner was very nice. And I fell for this necklace, by Catherine Hartley. It's both a little odd and utterly wearable, a combination that I like. And the perfume that fits that description for me is Bvlgari Black.

That is all.

Edited to add: No, come to think of it, that isn't all. What are your jewelry tendencies? Whose jewelry do you like? Do perfumista sorts also like jewelry, or do most of you feel that smelling good is adornment enough? Let's talk glitter!

First image: Wikimedia Commons.
Other images: Mine.


  1. Fun blog post! I wear rather simple jewelry - I love long, simple necklaces. Actually I just love necklaces - almost everything except that I don't like to feel like I am wearing a statue on the end of it - small and light. That gold necklace might be a bit much for me!

  2. I'm a perfumista that loves jewelry, and I think your recent acquisitions are beautiful. :) The Best of the Northwest arts and crafts-type thingy comes to town twice a year and over the years I've purchased some wonderful - and unique - pieces of jewelry. The prices are very reasonable and it feels great to support our local artists.

  3. Hey, Melody! Hmm, the necklace does look gold in that photo, doesn't it? It's silver, which somehow conceptually seems to lighten it for me, though of course it's the same amount of metal either way. :)

    I used to prefer longer necklaces, and for some reason as I've gotten older, on me I prefer them shorter, just a bit longer than choker length. There's surely some logic behind that, but I don't know what it is.

  4. Yo, Cymbaline! Yay! Ooh, that thingy sounds like fun. Seattle, yes?

    1. Seattle, yes. If you're ever up this way when The Best of the NW is happening, my friend Tanya and I would love for you to join us:)

  5. You go girl, do the linky thing!

    I like jewellery very much, and favour plain but striking designs in silver and beaten gold, of a type often found in craft markets in Germany, which isn't terribly helpful I know. My local art gallery sells a ton of earrings and pendants in similar styles. One UK jewellery designer I like is Alison Lush - she is big on marcasite, which I have also developed a liking for lately. My last purchase was of dainty stud earrings shaped like wonky flower petals in burnished copper.

  6. I adore jewelry, although I rarely wear more than one piece at a time. (I am a very weird maximalist minimalist.) I favor sleek art deco and art deco inspired pieces. One of my favorite contemporary designers is Mawi. You new items are wonderful, especially the green earrings.

  7. Yo, Vanessa! "striking designs in silver and beaten gold" makes me jealousish. For such an art-focused town, Ashland seems to have a lack of artisan jewelry--unless I'm just failing to find the right stores. I just bookmarked Alison Lush and will be studying pictures. :)

  8. Hey, APB! Ooh, Mawi looks cool. More bookmarking.

  9. Howdy, Cymbaline! Thanks! We haven't been to Seattle yet, but we keep meaning to.

  10. I really enjoyed this post and also the comments..Those green earrings are lovely..Also bookmarking Vanessa and APB's recs- some of those Mawi designs are gorgeous..I don't end up up wearing jewelry nowadays except maybe earrings (Must change that!). Most of my jewelry shopping I do in India- I usually favor oxidized silver jewelry and have liked some terarcotta jewelry in the past as well.

  11. interesting collection indeed! :)