Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gardening: Peas and stuff

Gardening season has begun. Well, technically we're weeks away from the last frost date, which makes it gardening season to only a limited degree. However, today it was eighty degrees. Eighty. Possibly more; I was so stunned by the thermometer breaking out of the seventies that I didn't register the details.

So. What plants have I whimsically and irresponsibly purchased in the past few weeks? Have any of them actually been planted? Let's inventory:

  • Three daylilies. If I had planned ahead for this post, I'd know what they were. Two are spidery types, one orange and one red. I don't like those big dense daylilies; they look to me like ears. The third one was a pink kinda-dense one, just to see if living with one of those softens my feelings toward it.
  • Three candytuft plants, in case the daylilies get lonely.
  • Six Egyptian Walking Onion plants.
  • Twelve clumps of White Lisbon bunching onions.
  • Twelve plants of Lochinvar kale. One of my books says I should be tearing out the kale right about now. Oops.
  • Twelve Swiss Chard plants.
  • A whole bunch of snap pea and shelling pea seeds. Well, a whole bunch for me--fifty spots for each, three seeds per spot, because one of my books says that you can clump peas like it says you can clump onions, more than one plant sharing pretty much exactly the same planting hole. I hope it's right.
  • Four dahlias, also spidery, tubers lurking in a paper bag. Again, if I'd planned ahead... actually, I still wouldn't know what they were, because I thought I'd remember what the abbreviations penned on the tubers signified. Not so much.
  • A pound of Yukon Gold seed potatoes that I apparently completely forgot about after they arrived last November.
  • Two more candytuft plants.
  • Three tomato plants - one Pineapple, one
  • One French Tarragon plant.
  • Some non-perennial bunching onions that I bought mostly in error; my plan was to focus on the perennial kind.
  • A bunch of zinnia and cosmos and perennial bunching onion and bean and tomato and corn seeds. I meant to start some of them a few weeks ago. But I started the tomatoes even later than this last year, I think, and they produced just fine. Of course, they were cherries. And these aren't. Oh, well.
Why am I saying all this? No clue. Garden babble.

Image: By Viktor. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I am glad to read garden babble. :) It's gardening by proxy for me, since we won't be able to have anything this year except the trees that have been living inside through the winter (moving mid-season).

  2. Hey, APB! My sympathies for the lack of gardening, though the trees sound exotic and exciting.