Sunday, March 31, 2013

Rambling: Rambling

This is one of those It's Been Long Enough Since I Posted posts.

The sugar snap peas are sprouting.

I wrote three hundred words of fiction today. It was lousy, but I wrote it.

I'm getting over a cold.

I don't want to work tomorrow.

I want it to be a sunny day and I want to read a murder mystery outside instead.

If I had any spare vacation I might call in and do just that.

But I don't. It's all booked.

I'm eating some sugar and gaining some of my weight back. I need to get back on the lowish-carb wagon. Iced tea. (Unsweetened.) Turkey. With mayonnaise. Olives. Chicken. Cauliflower. Broccoli. Pickled things. Greek yogurt. Cheese. Oh, and butter. Don't forget the butter.

I don't want to work tomorrow. I think it's the cold; after I'm done being sick I feel entitled to some time off feeling good. Because the cold ate all my evenings and weekends.

I'm watching the Buffy episode "The Witch." I always found the timeline of that episode to be puzzling. There were lines when Amy seemed to be, you know, Amy, when I'm pretty sure that she wasn't supposed to be. If you see what I mean. It always made me wonder if the script was changed after some of the filming was done.

Yes, I realize that I sound like a geeky Star Trek fan in that Saturday Night Live episode.

"Is that even Cordelia's locker?"

I still haven't planted my alpine strawberry seeds. Or my lettuce seeds. Not that we eat lettuce all that often. But I like growing it because I make no sense.

The leeks are growing at a startling rate, now that the weather is warming up.

So are the weeds. We need to get some landscape fabric and plastic and paper down. Not all in the same place.

"First vampires, now witches. No wonder you can still afford a house in Sunnydale."

I was going to go to bed in time to get some extra sleep before getting up for work. That window is closing. So, that is all.

Image: Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Ooh, my sympathies about the getting over a cold and feeling work closing in, when you figure you deserve some time off in lieu. I completely understand that one! Hope you were able to get back in the swing of work okay when tomorrow came.

  2. Seconding (or thirding) the feeling of work closing in on one. I am also desperate to take some time off, but without the time to take. Here's to us pushing through to the next scheduled vacation. (Lifts imaginary glass)

  3. Yo, Vanessa! (How did I miss this comment?) Thank you for the sympathy. :) I did work, productively if not so much happily.

  4. Howdy, APB! Yes, vacation vacation vacation! I want idleness and I want it now. And I was all useful this weekend, too. Hmph.