Wednesday, May 11, 2011

SOTD: Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar

I posted a while ago about the movie Bag It!, which inspired me to try to reduce plastic use, which inspired me to try shampoo bars. The ones from Emz Blendz, a local shop, are very nice, and will remain my usual shampoo. But I first saw shampoo bars on the Lush website, so I thought I'd try one. Moisturizing and jasmine (rather than some cookie scent) sounded nice, so I tried Godiva.

Wow, this thing is scented. I could smell the jasmine while I was cutting the tape on the package. I could smell it on the paper padding. I could smell it through the plas...

Wait. This thing is wrapped in plastic? Did Lush miss a meeting? Yes, a little plastic sock is probably better than a whole plastic shampoo bottle, but still. Emz wraps their shampoo moons in paper. So there.

Returning to my first impression: Wow, this scent is strong. I unwrapped the bar and used it, and left it on my tub drainer, and whenever I open my bathroom door a fog of jasmine creeps out and down the hall and into the living room. I can't even tell if my now-dry hair smells like jasmine because my nose is overwhelmed with the ambient fumes.

Luckily, it's a nice jasmine--neither dirty or squeaky-clean, and without a synthetic vibe. I like it. But I need to get one of those shampoo bar cases to pen it in, because the scent is going to soak into the walls at this rate.

As for its performance as a shampoo... have I mentioned my lack of interest in beauty products, beyond the way that they smell? My hair is clean. I was able to brush it without fighting a lot of tangles. It didn't wave around or stick up or anything. Therefore, by my standards, it succeeded as a shampoo.

Conclusion: I like it. I'll want to buy another one when this one is gone, but what's with the plastic, guys?

One advantage of reviewing a new kind of thing is finding previously unknown-to-me blogs for the Review Roundup: Mayaari and agoosa and Clearly Beautiful and WeekendRamblings and  Carrara Nour and Beautiful Aspect and Alice in Nappyland and not-new-to-me MakeupAlley and this thing seems to have been reviewed a lot, so I'll stop there.

Image: By Philip Capper. Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Maybe the scent obliges them to use plastic when sending items in the mail? Lush use little paper bags in the stores here in the UK (and even ask if you want the bags labelled, so you can choose to refuse if you think you'll be able to identify what you bought when you get home!).

    Definitely a good idea to use less plastic whenever possible.

    cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  2. for the scent to be that strong means it is a petrochemical, so they probably thought, gee, if we're using petroleum for the scent, what is the harm in a little more for the wrapper?

    I find it difficult to buy things from big chains because (sadly) while they have the resources to do the right thing they rarely do. Instead they spend their dollars on marketing to convince us that their product has an aura of green, rather than just being green.

  3. I never heard of shampoo bars. Does this shampoo make your hair shine?

  4. Yo, Anna! That may be, yes. I may be being unfair to Lush. I'll keep this in mind for when I travel, so I can stock up with the minimal packaging.

  5. Howdy do, Cynthia! Hmmm. I tried looking up the ingredients, but they included "perfume", which isn't all that helpful on petrochemical or otherwise. :)

  6. more-freedom! Howdy and welcome! Y'know, I think that the Emz Blendz shampoo bars (made right here near where I live) do a better job for that, even though they feel much less lush and creamy. I may stick with local loyalty.